Corazon Music Video Awards

Indy Music Videos Producers

Los Angeles California 2022

Corazon Music Video Awards, an amazing event for all those artist that have videos and more videos and have not reach its potential in the industry, having a platform with more than 250 cities and more than 20 countries, two continents around the world where our CEO and Founder Dr Nick Gonzalez has done Auditions and Awards Ceremonies at least in 7 countries and counting.

We are very enthusiastic about having the opportunity to show your video in an event that will dignify your hard work producing your videos.

We are going to have on the day of our event a nice Limousine for all the artists and Celebrities, walking the Red Carpet with a nice interview by some of the media reporters as well a bunch of pictures, lights and camaras!!!

On stage we will show the video of at least 10 to 15 videos with the most qualifications to be awarded. The artist can even be singing it on stage!!!

We will also award a couple of the producers and a couple of singers for best video and best voice!!!

A night where you’ll have a chance to mingo and mango with some of the Best Video Music Producers from the Indy Industry.

It will be a night where you want to invite all of your F.F.F.
Family, Friends and Fans!!!

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