Corazon International Film Festival

The Heart of The Independent Filmmakers

Los Angeles California 2022
Corazon International Film, is an event where any independent film Director and Producer can bring their movie and register to a Festival Full of Viewers from all over the world and get the promotion it deserves.

We are going to have on the day of our event a nice Limousine for all the artists and Celebrities, walking the Red Carpet with a nice interview by some of the media reporters as well a bunch of Pictures, Lights and Camaras!!!

We will show a trailer of your movie and have it participate and why not possible getting an Award for it.

In Corazon International Film Festival we care for the actors’ development, so we welcome all those actors, actresses, models and also music artists to come to this great event and have a night to remember having the opportunity to meet talents from all over the world!

We are going to have special invites like Big Movie Producers, Promoters, Actors and Sponsors.

Corazon International Film Festival is a great opportunity to meet prospects for your film and acting dream. Remember that Dr Nick has done more than 250 auditions for Corazon Awards in more than 250 cities in more than 20 countries in two continents.

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