Corazon Awards

Dr Nick Gonzalez President and Founder, a musician since he was 8 years old playing music all his life in different events, different countries with appearances in many concerts in theaters, clubs and festivals. He had dream to create an awards for the independent artist for all those musicians and singers that you see on the street corner, on the plazas and on the subway that are great musicians but never had the chance to be recognized or awarded in any way, shape or form, and in one of the conference on the Billboard Awards back on the days he had a chance to speak to the audience he mention that he was gonna do an awards ceremony specifically for independent artist and most important artist with disabilities we talking this was around 2003 or 2004 at the Universal Studios Hilton.

And on that same year or a year after some of the people that was in the same conference starting doing awards taking advantage of Dr Nick’s idea of awarding the independent artist..The good thing was that Dr Nick never give the secret and details of the way and process He wanted for such awards, and in more than 10 years after that conference a few other awards where happening with totally different purpose the He originally intend to have.

Dr Nick was just waiting to put some money together so he can start the awards but unfortunately a devastated divorce made everything so impossible to do it at the time, and after his brother past away and seeing him so frustrated for not been able to do many things he wanted to do, dr Nick made the decision to start doing the auditions for the awards and in january first of 2015 the first auditions were made at a place call Mariscos Puerto escondido in east Los Angeles with like 25 artist on the first of the year when most of everybody is resting after the new year, it was a good event and the first one of many,

On the first 3 months Dr Nick had auditions all over California from San Diego to Coachela to Fresno and san Joaquin Valley so many cities upthere to san francisco, San Jose and all the bay area and all los angeles and San Fernando Valley area at least 36 cities on those 3 months more than 500 artist auditioned,

In April and May Dr Nick traveled to Mexico for auditions in Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Aguascalientes, Zacatecas and Guanajuato.

On June and July He travel to Central America for auditions in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Belice, NIcaragua, Costa Rica and Panama ending with the last auditions in LA TASCA DE DURAN, a Restaurant bar of manos de Piedra Duran the Greatest Boxing Champion of The world from Panama. By this time Dr Nick had already more than 80 auditions with more than 800 artists auditioned.

On december 11 of 2015 the first Awards ceremony was held Corazon awards Anaheim 2015 at the M3 LIVE Anaheim Event center right next to Disneyland.we had Jose Luis Gonzalez former Host of Jose Luis Sin Censura a very famous tv show of Channel 62 from estrella TV in Burbank California.

In 2016 Dr Nick traveled to Europe for auditions at the old world, Barcelona Spain, Madrid Spain, Rome Italy, Florence and Venice, Paris France, Portugal Lisboa and Holland Amsterdam. So on November 3, Corazon Awards 2016 happened again in El Rey Theater in Beverly Hills.we had Carmen Jara a very well Known singer and TV Host with the show Quien Tiene la Razon from Univision.

2017 Dr Nick Travel to Mexico for more auditions in more cities like Colima and Nayarit including Sinaloaand had the Corazon Awards Guadalajara 2017 .Karina hernandez and Jorge Robledo televisa Guadalajara.

In the same year in May 2017 traveled to Europe again for more auditions and Corazon Awards Spain Madrid, Seville and Toledo 2017.

Also in the same year Dr Nick Traveled again to Guatemala and had the first Corazon Awards Guatemala Escuintla 2017 at The Jet-Set Restaurant and Resort of LIli Richardson

2017 Dr Nick does it again, Corazon Awards 2017 in the Anaheim Event Center south los Angeles, by this time the number of auditions were more than 100 cities and artist auditioned were more than 900,

Corazón Awards Guadalajara february 2018 at The International Community Center.
Corazón Awards Guatemala April 2018 in Zona 10 Don Humberto Borrallo Guatemala.awarding the Mayor of Guastatoya Jorge Antonio Orellana, also Karina Herrarte winner of la Academia Mexico, and Yahaira Tubac an indigenous 9 year old pianist.
Corazon Awards London June 2018 walking the streets of london Dr Nick was able to award and recognize the independent artist of the area.
Corazon Awards Iceland June 2018 same way Dr Nick did it again on the streets and bars of Iceland awarded artist with such a great talent.
Corazon Awards Colombia July 2018 on the streets of Bogota and Medellin Dr Nick awarded 25 artist from Colombia and Venezuela.
Corazon Awards Nicaragua August 2018 a small town call San Ramon outside the city of Matagalpa on a very small and Humble Hall in San Ramon we were able to recognize and award artist from the area with such a great talent
Corazon Awards December 2018 North Hollywood the valley Event center.
Corazon Awards December 2019 North Hollywood the valley Event center.
Corazon Awards 2020 a terrible year for the hole planet we lost thousands of artist with the pandemic kaos Covid19 millions of people lost their lives, we had to reinvent ourselves and value life in a such way not a lot a people had the chance to do we couldn’t have Corazon Awards anywhere.
Corazon Awards December 2021 at Hollywood The Celebrity Centre International, awarding Mario Vallar a TV host of the TV Show Nuestro mundo From Guatemala Channel 7, also Kavin de Leon A Los Angeles City Council that has help of southern California, Conducting the event Asucena Gomez Former TV News of telemundo and Raul Osorio a well Known TV and Radio Host of Los Angeles area.

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