How to Disable Chromium Microsoft Edge From Running in The Background

To stop Microsoft Edge from always running in memory, disable i.e. set the Startup Boost option to OFF. Your Windows 11 PC has many moving parts, and most of it works under the hood, which means you can’t even see or know it exists. Your system collects cache files from time to time when you use any app, browser, program or utility, etc. Once the cache files are created, it helps retrieve the same information faster in subsequent attempts. This is why Microsoft Edge Browser opens a bit faster when you open it the second time. Open the Edge browser and click on the 3-dot menu icon on the top-right.

You have the option to Refresh your PC, anonymous which will keep your files (photos, music, etc.), orReset your PC, which will restore your PC to factory settings. When setting environment variables through the registry, they will not recognized immediately. Windows 10 Registry is a database that stores all the settings and options for the Windows 10 operating system. It is used to control how the operating system works and how the user interface looks.

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If your Chrome build is old enough, you will be able to prevent the browser from opening at every startup by disabling its startup key. If you’re up to date, you may need to check your installed extensions to see if they are causing issues. This may require disabling one extension at a time. Access your extensions by clicking the browser’s “…” button. You may need to check your installed extensions to see if they are causing issues with autofill data. If you have recently installed any programs or apps, they may be interfering with Edge.

  • Restarting your computer and running a pre-boot assessment can reveal to you whether or not your speakers have failed at a hardware level.
  • To restore Windows 10 from Windows 11, we must the Windows 10 iso file.

User Account Control is a Windows security feature. It helps your PC against malicious software intrusion and stops unauthorized changes. When enabled, all the changes that need administrative access will trigger a UAC prompt asking the user to give elevated permission. On the other hand, if your PC is used by other people, it is strictly prohibited to keep the registry editor on the screen because anyone can harm your PC. You will be prompted once before it opens and you will need to tap onYes. That’s it, now the registry editor will open and you can do what you want but with caution.

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All of the files in this directory can then be deleted for clearing out the Windows update cache. If you’ve ever wondered how to clean computer registry, there are a few tips you should remember. If you don’t know how to clean the registry, you may end up making more problems than you solve. While you can easily clean up your registry with a registry cleaner, you should backup your registry files first before you attempt to clean them.

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