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We founded an organization that will Revolutionize the Entertainment Industry and will help the artist development of different artists, actors, models, musicians etc. Specially Artist with Disabilities

In Twisted Heart we have done just that, given a Twist and a stretch to the industry to make it more reachable, affordable and understandable for that independent, underground and alternative artist. Giving them a chance to appear on stage and that is why we have founded.

Artista Of The Heart Foundation  that Brings you:

There are so many companies and organizations serving the community as far as music and entertainment. But not one that can help the needs of the different Independent, Underground.




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Twisted Heart Awards

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Sign up to be a part of this amazing community of artist with a variety of talents and take advantage of all the great opportunities we have set just for you!

Have a chance to participate in our different shows, Concerte Awards and Festivals like:
1- Corazon music Video Awards.
2- Corazon International Film Festival
3- Miss Corazon International
4- Corazon Awards
5- Twisted Heart Auditions in Different cities in California also different states through out the United States as well in Mexico cities amping other countries like Guatemala Nicaragua, Colombia, Spain, London just to mention a few

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